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Gourmet stores offer shoppers products whose exclusivity lies in their special characteristics and the high quality with which they are made. Barcelona boasts many gourmet stores throughout the city, with products ranging from cheeses and cold meats to patisserie, coffees, teas, nougat confectionery and chocolate with examples like Escribà pastry, Hofmann and Oriol Balaguer. There are designer shops with an exquisite selection of Catalan caves and wines, complete with tasting rooms; delicatessens such as charcuteries where the products can be sampled; and eye-catching grocery stores known as “colmados”.

Andreu, Xarcuteria i Tastets

Top-quality cured hams and sausages including the prestigious jabugo ham. The shop has a bar where you can sample sausages, pâtés and foie gras, smoked meats, cheeses and select wines. ...

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Andreu, Xarcuteria i Tastets | Barcelona Shopping Line | Gourmet